Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I see my blog posts are making a resurgence as my inbox lights up with new comments! Thanks to everyone who is reading. I promise my blog is not dead, it's merely hibernating. Since July of last year, when I wrote my last two posts, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl we'll call Promise. Big sister Babe is thrilled with her little sister, who is now 11 months old and bonkers. They keep me incredibly busy, as does my day-to-day lactation work. I promise a new blogpost is in the works, I just have to catch my train of thought each night when the girls are asleep and try to wrestle it into submission. Thank you all for sharing and commenting! See you soon!


  1. I hope you post soon! I've been reading previous posts and absolutely love your writing :) congrats on baby two! :) I don't know you but I'm pretty sure I love you! Haha thank you for the facts on breast feeding. You have really inspired me to continue breast feeding and helped me feel more secure about doing it in public. :)
    New mom of two, too. ;)

  2. HI,
    I'm not sure if you got my first post - but we at The Pump Station in Los Angeles (3 locations - Santa MOnica, Hollywood and Westlake Village) LOVE LOVE your post on "why not to cover up" and would love to feature in our newsletter and share on our facebook page. Our newsletter goes to 15,500 and we have over 6500 fb followers. Can we use your blog - we would of course give you full credit with a link to your blog. If so - can you send me the content in a word document or we could probably just copy paste. Let me know, thanks so much!
    Cheryl Petran, CEO